Composições e Arranjos


Born in Belo Horizonte (MG) on 18 March. Professional musician since 2003. Welbert Almeida: Guitarist, composer and arranger. Degree in guitar by Unicor and guitar by Bituca - University of Brazilian music. Presentations shows openings: Chico Cesar, Zelia Duncan, Lot Borges, Milton Nascimento, Moraes Moreira, Shed Group, Toninho Horta and Paulo Moura. He has performed and recorded with various artists of Brazilian music. He studied with Mozart Mello, Ian Guest, Ullises Rocha, Gilvan de Oliveira, among others. Master class with José Antonio Escobar (Chile), David Tanenbaum (USA), Leo Brouwer (Cuba), Sérgio Assad (Brazil). Participation in festivals: Violões além da Fronteira (MG), Guitar Concert (MG), Telemig Celular Connection, Conexão vivo, Fenac, Festival de violão Sousa Lima. He wrote arrangements for symphonic bands, camerísticos groups, tracks for theater and had several approved projects of instrumental music in laws to encourage culture. In 2014 he was invited to compose themes that were part of the soundtrack of video game "Futebol mania," the company's Canadian G4 box, released in Brazil by the portal Z8 games. Discography: CD Influences, Instrumental Amazon and DVD my inspiration.

My relationship with music goes beyond pleasure, it is a necessity as much as breathing.

Music helps both in our intellectual development and in stimulating creativity and also in the possibility of demonstrating our different feelings through children.

While people choose music as a profession, others use it as a refuge; because expressing our feelings through relaxed children or body and feeling a great satisfaction for doing something for ourselves, and that makes everything better every day.

Many learn music as therapy, because they know and can perceive how much it brings us peace and reminds us of all those good times and involves us with friends and family, whether in our house at a party or with the same praising God.

Welbert Almeida